Join our team! We are expanding in the greater Las Vegas NV area!

We do not hire employees, instead we retain talented independent service providers, independent contractors, and licensed professionals. We are part of a nation-wide network of real estate investors, educators, and consultants. Tell us about your services and specialties.

  1. Intern: An intern is an independent service provider that provides niche services as a “gig” or a task in the form of “rubber meets the word” and “boots on the ground”. When the next task is available, we hail an intern from our list of interns. The intern is paid immediately at successful conclusion of the task. Click this link for more details about our current needs for interns.
  2. Accountant: CPA with experience and focus on real estate, both commercial and residential. We are especially interested in CPA that can provide escrow (trust) accounts, loan servicing, and related tax reports.
  3. Attorney: If you are an experienced real estate attorney, then we have more business than you can handle. Many of our deals are small that require simple legal paperwork. We have so many deals in the pipeline that we need more attorneys to handle them. We also need experienced securities attorneys to handle our real estate syndication deals with our sophisticated and accredited investors.
  4. Paralegal: For simple matters involving preparing paperwork before we submit it to our attorneys for final review. Also notarizing and recording our real estate legal documents.
  5. Property Manager: We need experienced property managers to oversee our portfolio of income properties.
  6. Title Company: We need title companies that are comfortable closing transactions with non-traditional forms of structured financing, wrap-around notes and all inclusive trust deeds (AITD), lease with option, as well as traditionally financed transactions.
  7. Mortgage Loan Originator: Also known as “mortgage broker”, we need experienced residential (RMLO) and commercial (CMLO) mortgage brokers to review our structured financing for compliance and disclosures, and to locate alternative sources of financing.
  8. Licensed Real Estate Broker: We need real estate brokers who think outside of the box and they can see the bigger picture to help us grow our portfolio.
  9. Property Insurance: We need insurance providers for residential and commercial income properties, both occupied and vacant.
  10. Property Inspector: For our “quick turn” properties, we need property inspection reports for our buyers.
  11. General Contractor: Some of our properties require the services of general contractors for repairs and renovations.

Please tell us about your services, specialties, and unique talents. We will add you to our database that we share with our nation-wide network of real estate investors, educators, and consultants.