Attention Sellers with Luxury, High-End, Exquisite Homes

My name is Jeffrey D. Smith. I am not a licensed real estate broker, although I was a licensed independent real estate broker in Colorado for years.

A fundamental principle of real estate: A real estate transaction fails for one of two reasons: (1) The buyer does not qualify for financing, or (2) the property does not qualify for financing. How is this principle affecting your effort to sell your luxury, high-end, exquisite home?

Are you having trouble selling your exquisite high-end home, because:

  1. Well-qualified buyers are unable to find non-qualifying mortgage (non-QM) lenders and banks, because the lenders are demanding very high down payment of 20% to 50% or more, and many non-QM lenders have disappeared?
  2. The home is taking too long to sell and you are about to withdraw your listing? (By the way, I close with a real estate attorney, so we don’t need a real estate broker to close.)
  3. You want your broker to reduce their fee so you can lower the asking price? (Hint: Don’t lower your price, just improve your financing terms.)
  4. Qualifying for bank loans is now far too onerous, especially for jumbo and super-jumbo loans, or self-employed borrowers, and your prospective buyers are walking away in frustration?
  5. The asking price is too high to justify renting out the property? You need to find a buyer, not a tenant, for the home.
  6. You cannot buy your next home, because you are waiting for this home to sell? (Hint: You can both sell and buy using this strategy.)
  7. A contingency chain of selling homes to buy the next home is about to break, and your home for sale and your home to buy will fall out of escrow?

I feel your pain. What if I could solve *ALL* of your problems?

  1. Sell the home *NOW* to a well-qualified buyer who will appreciate and care for the home as an owner-occupant?
  2. Sell the home *NOW*, probably with multiple offers, before you quit and withdraw the listing?
  3. Sell the home *NOW* at a premium value above your equity value, even when you have no equity?
  4. Simplified qualification for buyers based on their income, even self-employed buyers?
  5. You can sell the property, not rent out your home, and not have any landlord headaches?
  6. You can buy your next home without a contingency of selling this home, because it is sold *NOW* and you can buy *NOW* with my solutions.
  7. Your real estate broker can use my solutions on a contingency chain of homes to sell all of them.

Buyers have plenty of houses to choose from, while you have only your house to sell. You must make your house attractive, both physically and financially, more than the competition.

I am not a mortgage broker. I am a finance consultant. I specialize in real estate finance for residential and commercial properties. Real estate is a “borrowed money” business. The solution to your problems is all about offering the right kind of financing to expand dramatically your pool of well-qualified buyers.

That’s where I come in. As a private finance consultant, I can design a financial solution for you and your real estate broker that solves those problems, and gets your home sold *NOW*. Like your real estate broker, I am compensated at closing. If the home doesn’t sell, then neither your real estate broker or I are compensated. I work with you and your real estate broker to structure a deal that sells the home *NOW*, pays our fees and closing costs by arranging terms with the buyer to cover those closing costs and fees, and pays more cash to you than you have equity in your exquisite home. Read that again; more cash to you than you have equity in your exquisite home, even after your real estate broker and I are compensated.

My solutions come down to this:

  • Real estate agents and brokers are restricted by their licenses in the kinds of contracts that they can use with their clients. On the other hand, the principal parties in the transaction can use whatever contracts and forms that they wish. That’s why I must be a principal party in the transaction with an option contract, so that I can use my forms & contracts, and use my real estate attorney to process the legal paperwork and to manage the closing.
  • As a principal party in the transaction, I can offer an option contract to buy your property and then sell to a well-qualified 3rd party buyer that option contract to buy your property. That option contract can include attractive seller financing payments terms that turn your house from a liability into an asset.
  • Therefore, if you can be flexible on payment terms, then I can offer full value (often more), and I can offer an option to buy your house even when you have no equity.
  • My solutions also work for contingency chains on existing houses for sale by slightly altering the financial structure to provide beneficial payment terms, rather than forcing the buyers to deliver all-cash at closing.
  • Did you know that real estate brokers will accept payment terms for their commission fee? Yes they will accept payment terms when the present value of the payment terms is attractive, especially when creative financing can rescue the contingency chain. Real estate brokers understand the value of passive income from multiple streams of cash flow.
  • Real estate agents and real estate brokers are marketers, not deal makers. Let the agents and brokers do what they do best, and I can do what I do best. I can design deals that help everyone, because we all want the same thing: We want the house sold.

If you are selling your exquisite high-end home, say, between $800,000 and $5,000,000 (or higher depending the neighborhood), and a traditional sale is taking too long to sell because of the reasons listed above, then I can help. I just need some quick information to get started.

Best time and day to call?
If you have already listed the property, then please tell us who has it listed.
If the property is advertised on the internet, then please tell us the URL link.
Annual interest for the largest loan?
If the loan is in arrears, then what is the total of the missed payments?
When is the soonest balloon payment due or is the loan fully amortizing?
The more time that you can wait, the more money we can pay you. The less time you can wait, the less money we can pay you. You won't need to pay off now to qualify for a new loan on your next home.
How soon are you ready to move; days, weeks, or months?
Please tell us more about your situation and what you want to accomplish.

p.s.: My solutions also work for commercial properties!