If You Need All Cash Now

Alright, you don’t have time to waste haggling about financing. You’re ready, willing and able to settle for a discounted all cash price, just to get out now. I hear you.

I don’t care whether the property needs repairs, renovation, cleaning, whatever. I solve tenant problems. I take over distressed properties, renovate, and then either sell or refinance the property for rental income. I solve problems for folks who just want a fair all cash price and to get out now.

It’s about Price versus Terms…

You want all cash (that’s your terms), so I’ll decide what price (that’s my side of the equation) the property can afford to pay in its current condition. If you must have both price and all cash, then call a Realtor and prepare to wait a few months for the perfect buyer who can provide all cash for your price at closing.

Some straight talk…

I earn my honest living by solving problems for people. I will put my all cash offer in writing after reviewing the condition of your property and the market. I don’t care how much you paid for the property. I don’t care how much you paid for upgrades. I don’t care how much your “friend the Realtor” says it’s worth (let him put his money where his mouth is and buy it!). I am not asking to list it. I am asking to buy it. I will calculate a conservative all cash price that the property can afford to pay in its current condition so that I can earn an honest living for taking the risk of relieving your burden.

My investment criteria is flexible, but I won’t string you along. If you are trying to unload a white elephant that is just too weird, or too far out in the middle of nowhere, then I will say so and I won’t waste your time.

Please don’t waste my time by trying to persuade me to pay a retail cash price that an owner-occupant would pay. I am not intending to live in the property, and retail cash pricing rarely produces a rental income with conservative positive cash flow. If there’s no profit for me in the all cash price that you demand, then I’ll say so and we can go our separate ways.

Important: Most fix-and-flippers require deep discounts (50% or deeper!) for a fast (within 7 business days) all-cash purchase. If your house is “move-in ready” or needs just a little bit of cosmetic cleaning and you can give me more time, then I can pay a higher all-cash price. The more time I have, the higher all-cash price I can pay. The more time that you allow for me to arrange financing for the transaction, the more cash I can pay you. It’s all about the Time Value of Money (TVM).

Sometimes (rarely), my offer for a seriously distressed property requires the owner to pay me to take over that problem. Very few people want to pay me to take over their problems. There must be resale profit for me after recovering my entire investment. I hope you can understand that. Sellers have brought cash to closing for me to get rid of their problem. If that’s the only way that I can take over your property, then I’ll say so and I will let you decide what’s in your best interest.

I will not work for free, my services are not on sale, I am not a charity for your benefit, and I must feed my family just like everyone else. You will pay for my services in the form of equity by selling the property to me for an all cash price that covers the repairs, carrying costs, resale costs, and a conservative net profit for me.

If you are uncomfortable with me earning a conservative profit, then don’t sell your property to me.

If after reading all of that straight talk, you still want me to make an all cash written offer, then click here and tell me about your situation. I try to respond to all inquiries in one business day.

You can also read my Disclosure page by clicking here.