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If you decide on a delayed sale of your property to one of my buyers on my special “Rent to Buy” program, then I can help you to set up a bank collections account. The buyer can send the monthly payments directly to the bank collections account, and the bank will pay the mortgage loan payments from that account. Any excess amount will be sent to your own bank account anywhere you choose. The bank provides a quarterly accounting statement, and you can check online the status of payments at anytime.

If you want to sell your property now, then as a reminder, here are the criteria for the kind of houses that my group and I buy “subject to” the existing mortgage loan:

1. The current value of the house must be between $250,000 and $5,000,000 (I sometimes buy higher or lower value properties). Apartment buildings may be higher valued and I will determine the value according to the cost and structure of financing.

2. The mortgage loan combined amount of all loans on the property must be less than the current market value.

3. The mortgage rate must be less than 8% per year for the remainder of the loan term, and at least 10 years remaining before the loan is due to be paid off with a balloon payment or the loan must have no balloon payment at all (that’s called “Fully Amortizing”).

4. The property must be in “rentable condition”. If you aren’t sure about this, just tell me what are the apparent major defects and I let you know whether that’s a problem.

5. The mortgage loan payments must be current. If I am buying the property now (instead of selling your property on the “Rent to Buy” program), then I will prorate the interest to the day that I take title to the property.

6. At this time, I am not buying Mobile Homes or Manufactured Homes, just houses and multifamily properties, and I never buy in blighted or war zone areas.

Please understand that I am not buying as an owner-occupant. I am buying to earn a conservative profit by either renting out the house or reselling to a good buyer who can make the payments and care for the home as an owner-occupant. If I cannot earn a conservative profit, then I cannot close the deal with you. If you are uncomfortable selling to a professional investor, then I can speak with you to explain your other choices that may solve your problem.

Important: If you want an all cash sale, then my purchase price will depend on the property condition and how soon you must close the transaction. The more time that you give me, then the higher all cash price I can offer.

That’s it! I am not very fussy. I buy in “as is” condition, as long as the condition is reasonable. I don’t mind a little dirt, because I will bring in a professional cleaning and repair crew before I rent out the property. You won’t have to pay for repairs, Realtor costs, or closing costs. I won’t beat you down on the price. You also won’t have to make any more mortgage loan payments after you sell the property to me.

What really matters is whether the market rents are sufficient to pay for everything, including a conservative net income after paying the mortgage loan payments, paying the taxes and insurance, and paying for repairs and management. I will know this before I sign the deal with you, and it’s my responsibility after you and I close the deal.

My Promise to You

I usually get back with folks within one business day after receiving your inquiry. I promise to do my best to find a way to make the sale work for you.

If you still have questions when I call, please don’t worry. I will be happy to answer your questions to your satisfaction.

You are NOT obligated to sell to me on seller financing, either short-term or long-term, or to one of my “Rent to Buy” buyers, just because you submit this form to me. I will not pressure you or try to make you feel bad if you decide that selling in this manner won’t work for you.

If this isn’t a win-win solution for both of us, then I won’t do it.

I am looking forward to working with you.

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The more time that you can wait, the more money we can pay you. The less time you can wait, the less money we can pay you. You won't need to pay off now to qualify for a new loan on your next home.
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