I Want to Make an Offer on Your Property

Hello, my name is Jeffrey D. Smith. I am not a Realtor or licensed real estate broker. I am a professional real estate entrepreneur. I work with a group of experienced property owners who buy houses, apartment buildings, and other kinds of commercial real estate for rental income and a conservative resale profit. My group and I buy about 2 or 3 nice properties in nice areas per month. I am the most serious buyer you will ever come across. My group depends on me to find good properties in good neighborhoods, and I make the final decision whether to buy your property; not some faceless committee.

Right now, my group and I want to buy houses and apartment buildings, and we don’t care how much equity you may have in your property. If you can be flexible on terms, then I can make a full value offer, even when you may have no equity. That’s right! Your property may have no equity and I can still make a creative offer that could solve your problem today.

It’s all about Price versus Terms…

I will take one side of the equation and you take the other side. If you decide the price, then I will decide the terms. If you decide the terms, then I will decide the price. So, if you must have a specific price, then I will work hard to come up with the terms for a win-win solution. Or maybe you want specific terms, like all cash now, and I will decide the price that the property can afford to pay in its current condition. I earn an honest living by solving problems for others.

By the way, if you want to sell your exquisite, luxury, high-end house, then click here.

The Flash Cash Group

If you need all cash and a quick closing, then you are in the Flash Cash Group. I will calculate a written offer with an all cash price that covers my anticipated costs and my conservative net profit for resale.

The Need Group

Today, most folks are stuck with too much debt on their property and they cannot afford to pay down the debt to an amount that can be paid off by a typical buyer who delivers all cash at the closing table. The property is upside down with too much debt relative to what the market is currently paying for that kind of property in its current condition. Remember, a traditional sale could cost 13% or more of the purchase price in fees.

If that is your situation, then you are in the Need Group.

The Greed Group

On the other hand, some folks have some equity, but they don’t want to throw away all of their equity paying a Realtor to list their house, and then waiting for a perfect pre-approved buyer to deliver all cash at the closing table. Most lenders are now very strict on their lending requirements. Finding a perfect buyer who can get a new loan is taking more time than ever before. Pre-approved buyers are rare, which means they can choose just about any property they want. So, why would they choose yours over the others?

If you have 20% or more equity in your property, then you are in the Greed Group. (I chose that name simply because it rhymes with Need Group, and it’s easy to remember. I don’t mean to offend anyone who is fortunate enough at this time to have good equity.)

The Solution

As a professional real estate entrepreneur, my group and I are looking for properties that can generate rental income and a fair resale profit. We want to earn money by buying your property and then placing a good tenant, letting the property appreciate in value, and then selling for a conservative profit.

For high-end, luxury properties, valued from $800,000 up to $5,000,000, we can find a buyer for the right seller and property that qualify for my limited, exclusive services. These homes deserve an owner-occupant, not a tenant; click here.

Please remember, I am not a real estate broker. I am a principal buyer focused on acquiring nice homes in nice areas.

If you feel uncomfortable working with an investor, then you can click away from this page and forget about my possible solutions for you. Or you can at least read my proposed solution and then you can make an informed decision.

My solutions are easy to understand and I can close quickly.

Think about your situation: If you need all cash and a quick closing, then click below on the Flash Cash Group. If you have very little equity in your property and you want to sell, then click below on Need Group. If you have at least 20% equity and you want more value for your equity when you sell, then click below on Greed Group. I will explain my solution for your situation. Or you can just click on the Information Page link and go directly to the form to tell me about your situation. I keep confidential all of our correspondence.

Flash Cash Group

Need Group

Greed Group

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